Golf Tips by Paul Wilson

Learn A Powerful, Effortless, Pain-Free Golf Swing

paul wilson

My technique or thought process as I teach has always been to keep it simple and get results fast.  So not only do I want you to get it fast & easy I want you to understand exactly how the golf swing works and what you need to do to play your best golf.  People often tell me that I explain the swing in a way that they finally get it.  To me, this was the goal and to keep hearing it tells me that I must be doing something right.

One of the things that I often run in to is people bad mouthing me and my technique yet they know nothing about me or what I teach.   The things is I have taught the same way for over 25 years and I get amazing results and I have thousands of testimonials to prove it!   

All I ask is that you keep an open mind as you watch and read my tips.  For most golfers, this is new and different.  I teach a the "body swing" not an "arms swing."  So switching is going to feel way different and will take some time to get used to but you have actually done it before.   If you have ever hit that one shot in your life 30-50 yards longer than any other shots and it felt effortless that is the swing I teach.  ​A powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing ... why would you not want to swing this way?

Hitting with your arms DOES NOT work.  In order to develop a powerful, effortless, pain-free golf swing you need to learn how to use your body NOT your arms to hit the ball.  Don't believe me?  If hitting with your arms was working why are there so few good golfers in the world?  What do good golfers have in common?  Answer: Most started playing golf as kids.

Think About It ...

When a little kid picks up a club it's heavy.  To an adult it is light.  With a heavy club in hand, the little kid cannot pull it down to hit the ball. Instead, they use their body instinctively and naturally.   An adult on the hand is looking at an object (the ball).  They have arm strength and leg strength.  Which one do they choose?  The always choose arms to swing at the ball.  

This hitting boils down to human nature telling them to hit the object in front of them and hit it hard.  So that's what they do.  Fast forward 10, 20 30 years later and this very same person maybe gets to a 10-12 handicap.  Fast forward the little kid 10, 20, 30 years later and they are a low single digit player if not, a pro.

How many pros have you ever hear of starting as an adult?  I know of 2.  Larry Nelson was 21 and the late Calvin Peete was in his 20's too.  If what I am saying isn't true they why don't we have more golfers in who started golf in their 20's on the PGA tour.  We don't because as an adult you will always try to hit the object sitting in front of you with your arms.  Until you learn to hit the ball with your body instead of the arms you will always struggle and never reach your potential.  

Keep this in mind as you watch and read my tips.  I teach a body swing.  Once you learn it, you will have it for life!

Paul, I have taken lessons from at least 10 different pros and watched way to many videos. Yours is the best and I am working on not using my arms and touching my legs.

Donald Muns

I watched a number of your vids last night and the big thing was the slight movement on the back swing, which gave me the time to turn into the ball. I went out today and hit just a small bag of balls. I analysed each swing and discovered what you been trying to tell me. Because I’m now in the correct position going back I’m now much slower coming back and presto I’m hitting like a dream. So much so, a guy came up to me on the range and asked how was I hitting so long with no effort. Its coming Paul. Haven’t been so excited in years. Thanks a million.

Dave Ferguson

Paul, without a doubt, you are the BEST golf instructor via online materials I have experienced. This includes Hank Haney, Phil Michelson, and numerous other well known golfers and instructors. Your materials and methods actually work for me. Thanks isn’t enough, but thanks anyway for the reduced frustrations, enlightenment, joy, smiles, and lower scores. All the best to you!

Randy McSwain